Sticky Fingers

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Extrait de parfum

Description: Spicy Patchouli, Powdery Tobacco and Leather 
Mood: Rock, Chic, Decadent, Luxurious

A sumptuous and elegant Patchouli is the protagonist of this ‘rock-chic’ creation.
A sparkling spicy opening then reveals leather and tobacco, all infused in iris butter. It represents a wild yet carefree atmosphere, sophisticated yet sensual, elegant with originality.
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Notes: Coriander, cinnamon, iris butter, patchouli, sandalwood, heliotrope, musk, castoreum, leather, tobacco, tonka bean.

This is an extrait de parfum, so use sparingly as the concentration is 25%. It has a great longevity (an average of 12h).

The making of Sticky Fingers

This perfume sticks not just to your fingers, but perversely sticks to your mind.
The perfume revolves around Patchouli, in a decadent and sumptuous interpretation. The opening immediately puts on the table the powerful weapons: an intense, almost boozy patchouli and leather. It is somehow wild and carefree, dangerously dressed in leather but playful. The dry-down gets softer and more complex, thanks to a dirty iris butter which makes the whole atmosphere smoother and more intriguing. Don’t get fooled by iris, no romance is going on here: tobacco leaves are rolled, the leather jacket is eventually thrown somewhere, and the delightful and tempting smell of skin finally emerges.
Many intertwined reasons and personal mental associations led me to this creation and its title.
This perfume is conceived to be as tempting as chocolate stuck all over your fingers and you cannot help but licking them. Mind you: this is not a gourmand fragrance, and licking your fingers is a metaphor referring to other kind of irresistible temptations.
One major reference is surely the iconic album from 1971. I love rock, and the 70s for what they brought in music, but especially, I love that album cover.
It accompanied me for a long while, as a vinyl record shop just around the corner was displaying it on its window, and I was exposed to it every day.
That cover literally stuck to my mind, and when I started thinking about the mood of this perfume, I couldn’t help but thinking about that.

8 reviews for Sticky Fingers

  1. Hernán (verified owner)

    Magnificent Masterpiece … that, like the previous compositions, faithfully reflects Francesca’s Personality, Art and Fantastic Work: only the highest quality ingredients and her Alchemy take us to feel and enjoy “Liquid Emotions”…

  2. Wayne (verified owner)

    I love this, reminiscent of Armani Rose dArabie but more mellow.Absolutely beautiful fragrance and just how I wanted it to smell.

  3. barrysouthers

    This is one of my new favorite fragrances. I’m not sure what FB uses in the dry down of Sticky Fingers but is nothing short of amazing and lasts forever. 5 stars and highly recommended.

  4. ajanesanderson (verified owner)

    Amazing scent!! So rich and decadent. I loved it’s depth and richness. Now I need a full bottle!❤️

  5. Gabriela (verified owner)

    Ordered 6 samples and Sticky Fingers is my favorite one. When it had been released and I had read its description, I just knew I need it in my life. And I was right, it was love at first sniff. I discovered your fragrances thanks to Dana from A Nose Knows and I love your creations. I will purchase the full bottle on my birthday. Also love The Dark Side and Under My Skin. I need to try the other four I haven’t tried yet.

  6. MITCHELL GOLDSTEIN (verified owner)

    I had hopes that Sticky Fingers would reflect the the sense & mood of the Stones album & its era….and it really really does. A sexy, sticky, deep, dirty (in a good way) patchouli that lasts deep into the night. Don’t wear this around mom & pop. This is for that special one and/or those nights out..or even home alone. I love it!

  7. gavila9339 (verified owner)

    Wow! Sticky Fingers is an amazing fragance. The scent is so sexy and totally makes you feel so powerful, desireable and unique. Tyger Tyger smells really good. Francesca I really congratulate you for your great fragances.

  8. astefanoae.mihaela (verified owner)

    The perfume is amazing, I love it …
    I also bought a set of samples and I am conquered by all, now I sit and think with which to start? Soon I will pamper myself with the next ……

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Product Ingredients

Alcohol Denat., Parfum, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Aqua, Coumarin, Linalool, D-Limonene, Benzyl Benzoate, Geraniol, Citronellol, Eugenol, Farnesol, Hydroxycitronellal, Citral, Cinnamal, Benzyl Alcohol, Cinnamyl Alcohol.