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Etruscan Water 30 ml



30 ml extrait de parfum

Bergamot, Green Tangerine, Grapefruit, Petit-grain, Basil, Carvi, Immortelle, Jasmin, Iris root, Musk, Ambergris, Labdanum, Vetiver, Oakmoss

Etruscan Water is a green-citrusy perfume with character – or with a dirty/sexy vibe! It conveys the stunning odor of the typical Mediterranean vegetation and the salty, refreshing smell of the sea soothing your skin from the heat of the sun.

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    The Making of Etruscan Water

    The inspiration for Etruscan Water comes from two different sources.

    The first one is my personal memory: being born and raised in Tuscany, we could go to the beach in the South of the region, where hundreds of years ago our forefathers, the Etruscans, used to live.

    In order to access to the most stunning, well hidden small bays, and offering the most transparent water, there was a 30 minutes walk through the woods.

    These woods are full of wonders! The smell of typical Mediterranean vegetation is charming and, if you are lucky (or unfortunate…) you could bump into a wild boar – or even some remains of the Etruscan civilisation.

    The salty, refreshing smell of the sea soothes you from the heat of the sun that is warming up your skin.

    Maxim Startsev, an impression of Tuscany through the Etruscan Water made with help of 3D DAZ Studio and Adobe Photoshop

    The second source of inspiration is my personal research on masterpieces of perfumery, as I have recently been intrigued by the classical masculine citrusy cologne – not the light ones, but those with a strong character.

    This is the first release of the line FREEFALL, opening to new directions in my work.






    Chester Gibs' drawing inspired by Etruscan Water, Francesca Bianchi Perfumes

    Chester Gibs’ drawing inspired by Etruscan Water, 30x30cm gouache, ink, pencil on paper.2019, Amsterdam

    Chester Gibs’ interpretation

    “The time bomb
    Of your life has come
    People may come, people may go
    Just as long as the water’s slow
    But watch out when you’re
    Headed for the waterfall
    Dry land is just a love away
    Warm sun and a place to lay
    I see your future
    The water above you calm and clear
    People may come, people may go
    Just as long as the water’s slow
    But watch out when you’re
    Headed for the waterfall“

    Etruscan Water by Francesca Bianchi reminds me of many of my first ‘masculine ‘ perfumes that I bought as a teenager and those perfumes were for me the beginning of dipping into new waters: adulthood, love, sex, romance, adventure.
    I have always liked dressing up – and in this drawing that I made while wearing and sniffing Etruscan Water, I portrayed the younger me, unrobing himself as he gets ready to step into new unknown waters.

    Ikebana by Silvia Barucci inspired to Etruscan Water Perfume by Francesca Bianchi

    This is a beautiful Ikebana that Silvia Barucci created to represent my Etruscan Water.

    I love the combination of flowers, white and green ones, the transparent vase, the flower in the water, and the beautiful background of stones, recalling the Etruscan tombs, and also somehow the salty part of the perfume.









    Alcohol Denat., Parfum, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, D-Limonene, Aqua, Linalool, Coumarin, Benzyl Benzoate, Eugenol, Amyl Cinnamal, Citral, Geraniol, Isoeugenol, Benzyl Salicylate, Farnesol, Citronellol, Benzyl Alcohol

    2 reviews for Etruscan Water 30 ml

    1. StellaDiverFlynn

      I get a prominent violet opening, elegantly floral sweet and slightly herbal and spicy, oscillating violet candy and dried spicy plum, but also with a natural waxy texture resulting from orris I guess. The immortelle becomes more noticeable in the heart phase, with its slightly cumin-like spiciness and a warm, sunny sweetness. At this stage, the combination of immortelle and violet/orris sort of reminds me of the orris-cumin combo of Under My Skin. They’re obviously very different from each other, with UMS being much richer and more layered, while EW gives a more woody, more dry and leaner impression. But the dynamics between the dandy, elegant sweetness of orris/violet and the sweet spicy cumin or immortelle are similarly complex and mesmerising.

      In the dry down, the most prominent note I got is the labdanum. Its simultaneously vegetal, dirty woody resinous, even slightly mineral and sour facets are so unique! I really appreciate that it’s paired with mossy elements instead of the usual sweet vanilla and benzoin etc. It recalls that classic chypre base, like those in the early 20th century (but without animals musks), instead of the more green mossy type popular during 60 and 70s. Etruscan Water feels like walking the fine line between feminine and masculine, classic and modern, complex and wearable, with grace and ease. I’d recommend it to those who are intrigued by the core idea of orris+cumin in Under My Skin, but find it a bit too feminine or too rich/intense for daily use.

    2. folz.art

      Esto es una ópera sexy, cítrica, mantecosa, con acordes florales que aparecen y desaparecen como la briza en verano en una terraza frente al mar en un atardecer cálido.
      Es elegante…si; llama la atención…mucho; es sexual…a rabiar; crea adicción…si te dijera que vas por la calle oliéndote a cada rato las manos porque es un placer y la gente interrumpe varias veces el diálogo contigo para decirte que hueles increíble ¿se considera adictiva? jajaja, si. Es un aroma joven, con cuerpo, espléndida para clima primavera, verano y otoño (aunque la usaría todo el año).
      Tengo la muestra, pero es mi próxima botella.

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