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Sex and The Sea


15 ml / 30 ml extrait de parfum

mimosa, pineapple, coconut, immortelle, rose, iris, sandalwood, myrrh, labdanum, benzoin, ambergris, civet, vanilla.
This scent is designed to evoke a complex, intimate atmosphere. It’s a combination of coconut sun lotion, a fresh memory of pineapple, a delicate yet troubling note of sunburnt, salty and sweaty skin, slightly suggesting the wild intimacy of an erotic encounter at the seaside.

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Chester Gibs’ drawing inspired by Sex and The Sea, Francesca Bianchi Perfumes

A personal, off-the-record story about Sex and the Sea.

Sex behind the dunes…. an adult sexy dream, but actually this scent has a slightly different genesis.

During my childhood and teenage I used to spend lots of time at the sea side. One of the strongest memory of that time is the smell of my skin, which I liked to sniff like a junkie. Then my parents sold the house at the sea side, and university, work, boyfriends etc. brought me far from that memory. Five years ago I moved to the Netherlands and I forgot the smell of my sweaty salty skin.

Some times back I bumped into a face cream of L’Occitaine containing Immortelle. The odor of that plant is actually not so pungent in that cream, nonetheless it was strongly pulling out of my head the childhood memory of my skin.

I confess I had totally neglected the essential oil of Helicrysium which was sitting on my shelf, unused and ignored.  So now I smelled it again, with a new nose.  I worked on a special amber accord, I would say — begging for your understanding — more human than oriental. A Civet tincture reinforced this intimate-human atmosphere, while a special ambergris molecule added the mineral-salty touch.

So this was the starting point: a sun-burnt, sweaty, salty skin — one of the most comfortable, and probably pervert souvenir I had in my heart.

Well, while working on this core idea, inevitably other dirty-minded ideas popped up, and I added to this weird yet innocent idea a more sultry, sinful, decadent fantasy of remotely tropical, creamy, sticky skin after a sexual intercourse.

This might not make sense to those of you who didn’t tested it. Believe me, you can wear it without being recruited in a hard core movie.

PS: A dear friend of mine – whose identity will be kept secret – asked me for this perfume specifically because (I quote): “I need to find a boyfriend”. I am a bit worried because, although she hasn’t found any boyfriend yet, by wearing this perfume she’s dating more men than I did in my entire life -.-     

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1,5 ml, 30 ml

1 review for Sex and The Sea

  1. Roberto Boertje

    Prachtig hoor, creamy, zoutig, bloemig en lekker zomers. Maar wel behoorlijk weird en voor bepaalde gelegenheden, geen crowdpleaser. Toch mooi en intiem. Drydowm is wel wat donkerder en meer balmy, wat ik wel wat mannelijker vind, zal de sandelwood, myrrhe, benzoine en civet wel zijn. 86

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