Discovery Set

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The Discovery set presents 1,5 ml spray vials of all my 10 fragrances;

Under My Skin
Sex and The Sea
The Dark Side
Angel’s Dust
The Lover’s Tale
Etruscan Water
Sex and The Sea + Neroli
The Black Knight
Lost in Heaven
Sticky Fingers NEW


A 18 € DISCOUNT CODE will be sent to you after buying the discovery set, valid 2 months from the date of purchase.

Please Note: every vial contains 1,5 ml, which means it is HALF FILLED (full capacity of the vial is 3 ml).


Every vial contains 1,5 ml, which means it is HALF FILLED (full capacity of the vial is 3 ml). Small differences from one vial to another might occure, as I am personally filling them with a graduated pipette and I am not a machine.  Also, I decided to use this vial instead of a smaller one for its high quality material and because I prefer the sprayer!

9 reviews for Discovery Set

  1. April

    I am so happy that I got this discovery set! These truly have to be experienced. I found several in the set that I absolutely love, so it’s wonderful that these are available to explore.

  2. Gilles B.

    Wonderful Discovery Set, beautifully packed with a note written by Francesca Bianchi herself, the sprayers are great and the scents orgasmic. A fabulous way to discover her Fragrances.

  3. Corina

    The Discovery Set is a great way to meet Francesca Bianchi’s perfumes. Each of them is truly unique and this is the way to find out which one is the one for you or if you perhaps want them all. The packaging is great and the set is coming with a hand written note from Francesca herself and the whole experience is very personal, intimate and makes one feel special. About the fragrances… I find each of them very special, on a completely different level comparing with anything I ever smelled. Their performance is absolutely amazing, I truly believe they can last forever.

  4. Karoenna McNamara (verified owner)

    I’m am so new in this (designer and niche) fragrance world and testing so many wonderful fragrances, it’s a lotta fun! This set is one of them. To be honest, I don’t know how to describe perfumes I only know that I love and in this set, I loved “Etruscan Water”, “Sex and the sea Neroli” (it’s stunning!) and “Angel’s Dust”, omg! Love, love, love these 3 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. Susana C (verified owner)

    My one and only FAVORITE and ❤️
    “indie perfumer “

    I Love all the samples , each fragrance has its own unique personalities, DNA of Francesca which are Sexy and attractive . Dark Side and Under My skin are my favorites…it is so me 😊..I can’t wait to own Lost in Heaven.

    ❤️ You Francesca Bianchi.

  6. Artem (verified owner)

    Amazing flavors! Intense and sensual, elegant and subtle! I was pleasantly surprised and I advise everyone to get acquainted with the creations of Francesca Bianchi !!! I ordered it to Russia, everything came and I am very glad!

  7. Bjørn Tore Paulen (verified owner)

    A very nice collection of gems! Nice presentation and sublime quality juice!

  8. Petra Andersen (verified owner)

    This is a great set and great way to discover Francesca’s fragrances. I have been testing all for a few weeks already and will continue and I have already got my first winner that I will be getting a full bottle off.

  9. Lauren Haycox (verified owner)

    With the world as it is at the moment, few of us can travel where we want to, see the people and places we love. This beautiful discovery set has let me go on a different type of journey, with each perfume evoking something and somewhere different. I can close my eyes and be transported. Sex and the Sea and Under My Skin smell divine on my skin, voluptuous but not overly animalic. Angel’s Dust is pure and ethereal. Etruscan Water smells beautiful on my husband. Even when the perfume is not for me, it has stimulated and interested me.

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