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The Dark Side


30 ml extrait de parfum

honey, spices, iris, violet, sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, amber, styrax, incense, patchouli, vanilla.

This is my dark side, and many others’ too. Straightforward at first sniff, then hauntingly soft, turning dry and intense like wood, intimate and delicate like lace. It is a warmĺy sensual, addictive, dark scent which evokes the private, mysterious side we like to keep secret.

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Maxim Startsev’s interpretation of The Dark Side

A secret about The Dark Side.

I love woody warm sweet woody oriental stuff, and this scent is my attempt in this category. Its formula is very complex, made up by lots of components which I tried to mix in the smoothest way I could. So many components that, if you ask me, I have to look up the formula, the pyramid being just a synthesis.

The funny thing is, I worked so much on the balance of so many ingredients that I forgot how it all started. It all started in Marrakesh, one of my favorite city, which I visited at 28 and then 39, always coming back with plenty of fake oils, scented stones, resins to burn, carpets, swords, and other useless but crucial objects.  Last time I came back with many smelly bottles, among which a deliciously fake oud oil. I have never been a fan of it — as it was so fashionable lately, and I really hate trends — but this one is different. So, once home, I tried to make my own base inspired by this Moroccan fake oud, thus creating a sticky sweet woody smoky oriental stuff, which I called ‘My Oud’.


Chester Gibs’ drawing inspired by The Dark Side, Francesca Bianchi Perfumes

Some time after, I started my Dark Side project (at the time named ‘Into Darkness’) and integrated this base in it. By doing so, I added in due proportion all ingredients of ‘My Oud’ into the bigger formula of Dark Side. After that, I made so many other variations during the following months while searching for a further harmony, that I simply forgot that the soul of ‘My Oud’ was in.

Only a frag lover’s review — wondering about the possibility of the presence of Oud, which of course was not enlisted in the pyramid — made me remember about my lovely fragrant memory from Marrakesh. So, if you really want to keep a secret, you just have to forget about it, like I did with ‘My Oud’ base.

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1,5 ml, 30 ml, 30 ml – Tester

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  1. Aziz

    Utterly gorgeous fragrance by Francesca Bianchi it reminds me of middle eastern style of perfumery woody and dark oud a really sexy scent. It is extrait concentration so a little goes a long way.

  2. Phyllis Iervello

    The Dark Side is a beautiful perfume. I love all of Francesca Bianchi perfumes and I would be hard pressed to rate them in order of preference, but The Dark Side is one of my favorites. It is somewhat mysterious and addictive to me but completely wearable for all occasions.

  3. Federico Gori (verified owner)

    Mi sono avvicinato alle creazioni di Francesca Bianchi più di un anno fa attraverso il discovery set. Solo oggi mi sono regalato un suo profumo, non per il tiepido interesse suscitato dalle prime suggestioni avute dai campioni ma proprio per il tempo di decantazione che ho creduto opportuno far scorrere dopo la loro scoperta. In questi mesi ho allenato i sensi e sono tornato sulle sue fragranze più volte, in diversi stagioni e diversi stati d’animo. Ho lasciato che la complessità degli intrecci si disvelasse con pazienza e io fossi pronto a goderne trama e ordito senza mortificarne gli slanci. I profumi di Francesca Bianchi meritano naso, cuore e testa. Prendetevi il vostro tempo per poterne apprezzare anche solo sussurri e lampi fugaci, godetevi il viaggio, l’attesa sarà ripagata e alla fine in ogni suo profumo troverete non una meta ma una ripartenza.

  4. Pepe Balaguer

    Beautiful, sexy and powerful fragance. Masterpiece. I love this fragance.
    Everyone must try this jewel.
    Thank you Francesca.

  5. etil.lamut

    A beautiful, mystical perfume … dark at first, difficult to detect after a few minutes of sensual exotic scent leading to the deepest hidden secrets, meditative …

  6. dave hadley (verified owner)

    My First purchase from a fantastic collection, which says it all. Beautiful, sensual, a masterpiece.

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