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Frag Chat – Francesca Bianchi Perfumes with MrSmelly1977

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The moment before the kiss. Soul-deep is maybe a better expression of how I feel him. Like flows of sparkling energy, pure and spiritual, radiating from inside of me, ricocheting through every cell of my body (…)

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Un Profumo Gotico e Sensuale by Scented Notes (Italian)

The Lover’s Tale by Danu Seith-Fyr:    “Francesca Bianchi is no ’ordinary perfumer’, hence my attraction to her as a Creatress and to her body of Art. A true translator and purveyor of the deeper senses, she brings tangible substance to the ethereal states, which we can be blessed or cursed with (read more)“.

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by Sergey Borisov

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