About my perfumes 

The Black Knight is a dark Vetiver-centered perfume, inspired by the valiant Florentine mercenary captain Giovanni Dalle Bande Nere, recreating the fascinating atmosphere of a military camp.
Lost in Heaven, a mesmerizing potion of honeyed white flowers and animalic notes, represents the longing for innocence and purity and the acceptance of our humanity.
Etruscan Water is a green-citrusy perfume with a sexy vibe, conveying the stunning odor of the typical Mediterranean vegetation and the salty, refreshing smell of the sea soothing your skin from the heat of the sun.
Sex and The Sea Neroli presents a narcotic freshness, a hint of coconut, the saltiness of the sea, the smell of sun-kissed skin: a combination which makes the perfume both hypnotic and sensual.
The Lover’s Tale is a story about a secret encounter of lovers. Jasmin absolute and Leather are the protagonists of this seducing potion, suggesting the obsessive and addictive nature of the liason.
Under My Skin is an intimate, seducing creation, a soft but carnal interpretation of the animalic theme, an emotional fragrance that might be emanating from your own skin.
Sex and the Sea is a combination of coconut sun lotion, a troubling note of sunburnt, sexy sweaty skin, slightly suggesting the wild intimacy of an erotic encounter at the seaside.
This is my Dark Side, and many others’ too. It is a warmly sensual, addictive, dark scent which evokes the private, mysterious side we like to keep secret.
Angel’s Dust is reminiscent of an elegant boudoir exuding aromas of wood closet, facepowder and lipstick. A combination of innocence and corruption, it’s designed to seduce.