Joshua Wood's Presentation of the brand and  Review on The Dark Side in his portal

Though I think this scent leans more on the feminine form..I would imagine becoming lost and meeting the perfect stranger somewhere in Italy among the old churches with sunday incense and a cafe....

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Wake Up your Inner Beast! by Sergey Borisov

I think that this scent is akin to the fur of a wild beast that was put on a human body for the sake of warmth and beauty once, and then left on the skin forever. Two textures, two different characters, two fragrances in one – one acts at the skin's level, the second lives like a fragrance sillage. So the animal seeps through the education and civilization of a human being, no matter how well you hide it – and preferably this animal will be pleasantly smelling.

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Scented Notes on all my line

Ksenia Golovanova on Under My Skin

Best Nose 2016

Best Nose 2016

Best Niche Perfume (World) 2016

Best Niche Perfume (World) 2016

Antonia Moreale's review in her blog Anthoscents:

[Angel's Dust] is almost a melody, softly sweet and hairy, that guides imagination through the most secret and intimate rooms of our soul, where the fragile side of our being walks naked and sensuality is expressed with graceful candor and natural elegance.

Tomoo Inaba's review of the brand and review of the scents in his portal Profice:

Angel's Dust - rosy powdery oriental, rich talcum powder in her room
Sex and the sea - coconuts oriental, summer fragrance less marine note
The dark side - smoky woody frankincense, it's like a warm heart and soul of her 💕

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Under My Skin by Pep in The Scentinel

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Under My Skin by Sebastian in Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews

Sex and The Sea   by E. Nina Rothe

That luscious mixture of carefree days, sand, sea and coconut oil lotion are an ever present trigger point of everything that is right with the world. With ‘Sex and the Sea’ Francesca Bianchi — who also wanted to replicate that very scent — has found the perfect blend of pineapple, coconut of course, vanilla, rose and myrrh to bring us back to those wonderful days of summer, even as we step into the first days of fall.

Under My Skin, Alchemical Seduction  by Antonia Moreale

Based on an animal-chic fil rouge, Francesca Bianchi’s creations are surrounded by a vaguely retro allure that, with style, elegance and ease, flirts with captivating sensuality

Under My Skin (oro sotto la pelle)  by Claudia Umeton

Animalico, ma morbido elegante, luminoso e leggero, è una passione che si consuma sotto la pelle, per ciò che si ama, per ciò che si vuole realmente essere senza rinunciare mai alla propria identità e a coronare i propri sogni.

Under my Skin   by Tomoo Inaba

The Dark Side  by Manuela Fortuna

"The Dark Side è sensualità discreta, l'ostentazione non appartiene a questa Fragranza. Sussurra a chi vuole ascoltare le sue parole con voce sinuosa e roca."

Claudia Umeton in Parfums et Beauté sur les Pointes on Sex and The Sea:

How can a fragrance have this explosive power and stun, which is to penetrate within the landscape of memory, fishing out dormant emotions?

Claudia Umeton in Parfums et Beauté sur les Pointes on The Dark Side:

The fragrance is evocative of a disturbing presence wandering in the depths of a forest at night: covered by a black cloak that hides her beautiful and noble features, makes her way through the dim light of her lantern, but in reality she is lost [...]

Ana Stoian in Ana y el Pefume

Have you ever kissed an Angel? A cold, weird, dusty feeling that evolves, as the desire grows, into a wild fire that consumes you entirely. A warm, addictive, illogical and original, but somehow natural sin. It's like embracing the dark side of the Good. Have you ever made love to an Angel? Sweaty skin, carnal pleasure, warm sand and a lost island in the depth of your mind. It's like sex and the sea in the purest form, without any trace of vulgarity.
So, tell me now, have you found your Angel? ... cause I got mine.