#1   d i s c o v e r y  s e t

Uncertain about which perfumes might suit you better? Test them all:

1,5 ml spray vial of each of my 5 perfumes:

Under My Skin,  Sex and The Sea, The Dark Side, Angel's Dust, The Lover’s Tale

€ 36 - shipped with priority mail (no tracked parcel) to EU, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA (For any other country please contact me to info@francescabianchiperfumes.com)

++++you'll have 15 € DISCOUNT on a perfume after buying the discovery set!++++

#2   i n d i v i d u a l   s a m p l e s

€ 8  each spray vial of 1,5ml, shipping included. Contact me at info@francescabianchiperfumes.com